Impreza Type R 555 Edition

Build Details


Stripping the new shell.

As the car was to be resparayed everything came out.

Sorting the sills.

The previous owner had not taken care of the jacking points. As these were rusty, they were removed and new sills fabricated and fitted.

RS500 Intercooler

The shell needed to be modified to make the Sierra Cosworth RS500 Intercooler fit. Also fitted new front panels as the old ones were cut for the old front mount intercooler.

Fitting Aero Catch Bonnet Catches

Because of the RS500 intercooler it was no longer possible to use the original bonnet catch, so AeroCatch lockable bonnet catches were used.

All Painted

Now that the car was painted it was time to start the rebuild process!


The car has been given a thick coat of underseal to prevent any rust in the near future.

STI Enkei Wheels

Genuine STI Enkei wheels from a 2007 STI. Fitted using hubcentric wheel spacers from CDF Racing. These give the car a 30mm wider track.

Powder Coated Suspension Components

All suspension arms / links etc have been powder coated white and fitted with Powerflex or SuperPro bushes to help reduce flex in the suspension.

LEDA Coilover Suspension, Top Mounts & Whiteline Alignment Parts





Engine, Gearbox and most running gear back in!



Intercooler Pipework