Escort Cosworth Hillclimb Car

Build Details


Bulkhead Modifications.

Found some rust under the paint, so cut out some sections and welded in new 4130 steel sheet. Removed original steering column bracket ready for the new setup.

Modifying the floor for a side exit exhaust.

Again after 18 years, found some rust on the floor and had to cut out the affected sections. The floor on the passenger side was modified to allow a side exit exhaust to be used. This should help to save another 5kg as the route for the downpipe does not follow the original Escort Cosworth layout. New seat rails were welded into place with M8 threaded inserts.

Removing the Roof.

The complete roof was removed to make way for the Carbon roof, weight removed was almost 13kg, the new roof weighs just 2.5kg. Over 90 spot welds had to be drilled to get the roof free.

New gear change mount.


Roll Cage Modifications.

When the roof was removed it was discovered that the roll cage at the top of the windscreen had to be replaced due to a small crack at the weld. The door side impact bars were strengthened at the same time.

Steering Column Mounting.

The steering column is to be replaced with a new column, this will make use of a torque sensor from KASensors. The new column will use a new EPS system modified for hillclimb. The new bracket also saves some weight over the old system.

Carbon Kevlar Panels.

All new panels are Carbon Kevlar saving almost 80kg in weight, the doors saving almost 40kg alone. With the steel roof removed there was also some extra work done to the roof support.


The original engine was removed and checked due to a noticeable drop in power. The turbo was on it’s last legs and the cylinder head gasket was found to be leaking. The pressure test on each cylinder was lower than expected and each one different so a slight rebore was necessary. At the same time the cylinder head was ported to help with torque response at low revs.